Grants and Scholarships

Scholarships and Grants for Senior High School, College, and University Students with Hearing Impairment

For the care of hearing-impaired students in senior high schools, colleges, and universities as well as encourage them to study diligently and strive for self-reliance and self-confidence to break their limits, we've exclusively funded the grants and scholarships for students with hearing impairment.

Sponsorship for Audio Typists who Provide Hearing-Impaired Students with Video Transcription

Since subsidies given to each college or universities for holding free courses provided with an audio typist are not the same, we have particularly set up this sponsorship to support the funds, which are not sufficient for the hourly cost of audio typists in free supplementary courses.

Sponsorship for Hearing Impairment

The foundation provides hearing aid subsidy for referrals of social welfare units to apply., please directly contact the foundation.

Zhou Ssu-Chi Scholarship

Zhou Ssu-chi decided to start a baseball scholarship to provide high-school aged baseball players who have outstanding academic and athletic achievements with a scholarship fund for encouraging children who make efforts at their ethics and studies to be concentrated on school courses and baseball games.